Home Health What to Consider Before Buying Mobility Scooters Online?

What to Consider Before Buying Mobility Scooters Online?

What to Consider Before Buying Mobility Scooters Online?

What to Consider Before Buying Mobility Scooters Online?

If you are a user of mobility scooters, you would have wondered a lot about how to find good mobility scooters online. And as it is evident, the task is easier said than done. With so many options to choose from, getting the perfect fit of mobility scooter for yourself or your loved ones, that too online, can be tricky and often ends up in forgery, defective goods, or poor service.

In this blog, we highlight the things you should keep in mind while searching for a mobility scooter online. Let’s go!

Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Mobility Scooter

A mobility scooter is of great value to the user, hence it is important to know which mobility scooter will best fit your needs. To understand this, you should try finding answers to the following questions:

  • What is the type of the mobility scooter

There is a huge variety of mobility scooters in the market. Each of these has something unique to offer. Some may be strong and can hold heavy weights. While others may be lightweight and compact for easy transportation. To know what will suit your needs, you need to first understand what is your primary requirement. If you are tech-savvy, you can try something with new technology like Bluetooth connectivity, but if you are tech averse you can avoid such options. Since your mobility vehicle is a long-term investment, think about your needs thoroughly.

  • Where will you use the mobility scooter

Your usage of the scooter matters. You could be using the mobility scooter indoors or to run errands or travel. Your situation and usage will help you decide the appropriate type of mobility scooter to purchase. Also, keep in mind your neighbourhood region and its terrain. Whether the roads are smooth or bumpy will help you decide on the ground clearance of the scooter.

  • How has the performance of the mobility scooter

For the model you select, understand the performance of the vehicle. How is the design and built? Is it sturdy enough to carry your weight? How much drive range do you get on a single charge? What is the battery capacity? Is the scooter 3-wheeled, 4-wheeled, or 5-wheeled? What is the top speed? Do you get extra carrier space? What are the safety-related features? and so on.

  • What are the features of the mobility scooter

Handicap Scooters come with different features like scooters can offer extra carrier space, lift-up armrests, adjustable seat height, more leg room, LED headlights, power brakes, multi-level speed settings, etc. Make sure to know them all in advance.

  • What are the reviews of users

Apart from your own analysis, make sure to read the reviews of the mobility scooter before getting one. You can read these reviews on the website where you buy these scooters from or on other review pages. You can also ask your acquainted users of the vehicle about its performance. This will help you make a better decision.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mobility Scooter Online

With the world moving online, you can find anything and everything on the web. And mobility scooters are no exception. You can search for them easily on your browser and get a million websites to review these and buy these from. This can be overwhelming and confusing.

Below are a few important things to consider before buying your mobility scooter online:

  • Look for trusted websites and online stores

With so many websites advertising their products on social media and your search engine, it is quite possible that you fall prey to a scamming website. These sites can seem quite original but can rob you of your money while you sit in the anticipation of receiving your mobility scooter. This is why you should purchase only from trusted websites and online stores like Scootaround. Also, check for the HTTPS protocol on the website link to re-ensure that the site is secure to visit.

  • Match the online price of the mobility scooter with the market price

Another easy way to understand if there is something fishy with a product is to compare its online price with the actual market price. If the online store price seems too good to be true, know that it isn’t an authentic deal and you might be stepping into the den of a scammer.

  • Go through the product description

Before pressing the order button, read the product description properly. This helps you know if you are choosing the correct version if the features are suitable to your needs, and if the product is what it seems to be in the image.

  • Check for warranty and guarantee

Just like the description, do check the warranty and guarantee on the product. Some scooters come with a 5-year warranty but only on the external frame. Some have different warranty durations for batteries and hardware. So it is important to read the terms through before making the purchase.

  • Check the return and exchange period

Apart from warranties, do take note of the return and exchange period, if there is one. Prefer products that have at least 10 days return and exchange period after delivery. This is important because, for a long-term investment in a mobility scooter, you cannot make judgements with a single look. You need to try the scooter for 2-3 days before you will start getting habitual of it or notice any issues. In the case of the latter, you might have to exchange the vehicle or return it altogether.

  • Check for a COD option

A Cash on Delivery or COD option gives you a surety that in case the product is not delivered, at least your funds will be secure. Hence, look for a COD option if possible.


Shopping for mobility scooters online adds convenience, but you need to be very aware and cautious while purchasing online. The aforementioned tips would help you remain protected and keep your money safe in online transactions. Try to follow these and keep your eyes and mind open at all times.