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What Makes The London Blue Topaz Jewelry Special?

What Makes The London Blue Topaz Jewelry Special?

If you are looking for elegant and sophisticated gemstone jewelry accessories that elevate your look significantly, choosing the London Blue Topaz jewelry is the best option for you. The November Birthstone is a stone that comes in light blue to deep violet hues, embedding tons of healing and metaphysical vibrational powers. Thus, before knowing the incredible strengths of the gemstone, we should know the historical facts and origin of the London Blue Topaz in a detailed manner. So, let’s get a closer look at the blue gemstone.

Historical Facts of the London Blue Topaz

The term topaz has been taken from the Greek word topazion, which means fire. Earlier, it was thought that there was an Egyptian island named Topazos, which is currently known as St John’s island in the Red sea, where the topaz verities used to be mined. The Egyptians believed the stone represented the powers of the sun.

During the middle ages, Topaz was always a valuable stone from the middle ages until discoveries of more extensive deposits in Brazil at the time of the 19th century.

Difference Between London Blue Topaz and Swiss Blue Topaz

There are two varieties of famous blue Topaz in the market first is the London Blue and the second is the Swiss Blue Topaz, but both are different in their colors and properties.

The London Blue Topaz is a deeper hue of blue with a moderate dark tone, whereas the Swiss Blue Topaz is similar to the sky blue complexion. It embeds a light tone to light saturation. In addition, the London Blue Topaz is often slightly more expensive than the Swiss Blue Topaz.

Advantages and Healing powers of London Blue Topaz

The beautiful London Blue Topaz is beneficial in terms of affordability and beauty perspectives. The gemstone also provides impressive healing benefits you can gain by wearing the fascinating components of London Blue Topaz jewelry.

Many believe that gemstones align the body and soothe the soul and mind. Moreover, the gem is known to attract abundance, happiness, and joy, benefiting whoever holds the stunning crystal. People love wearing the fine piece of London Blue Topaz Ring, Blue Topaz Necklace, and earrings.

Metaphysical Advantages of the London Blue Topaz

The ancient Greeks believed that blue Topaz had the powers to awaken the self-attunement and insight of its wearer. Its ambrosial vibrational energies attract positive vibes from the environment and transfer them to its user.

Moreover, the beautiful gemstone stimulates the various chakras in the human body, including the throat and heart.

Styling and The Metal of the London Blue Topaz

There are many ways of styling the London Blue Topaz components, as the blue gemstones are easier to cut. 925 Sterling Silver is one of those metals that every gem lover picks up as their first choice, but you can opt for other options like rose gold and yellow gold, as it makes delicate parts of Gemstone Jewelry with all metals.

Cleaning and Caring of the London Blue Topaz

When it comes to cleaning your London Blue Topaz jewelry, you should keep the following things in mind to protect your jewelry from scratching and damage.

Use warm soapy water to wash your gemstone; it will help you remove your stone’s dirt and dust accumulated on its surface and restore the gem’s luster.
Don’t use ultrasonic rays or heat streams to clean your gemstone; it can destroy your gem permanently.

Always store your parts of London Blue Topaz separately, like the London Blue Topaz Pendant and ring from other delicate gemstone jewelry parts. The London Blue Topaz falls on eight on the Mohs scale of hardness level and is a harder gemstone than others, so it can harm your soft gemstone.

Where to Buy your London Blue Topaz Jewelry?

Hopefully, you have grabbed a few basics of the London Blue Topaz gemstone that will help you to buy an actual gemstone’s parts. If you are looking for something special like the above one, you can explore the website of Sagacia Jewelry. They are a reputable manufacturer and supplier of Wholesale Silver Gemstone Jewelry with thousands plus varieties in sterling silver accessories. So, get high-quality silver jewelry components at an affordable price by visiting their website today.