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Types of Custom Packaging Materials

Types of Custom Packaging Materials

Packaging is more than a container that holds a product. The custom packaging materials you choose could have a significant impact on your business. For example, no retailer would want to deal with a return or damaged product. Additionally, shipping companies may charge additional fees if your order takes up too much space.

The ultimate goal of packaging is to meet both criteria and ensure that the package is as secure as possible while remaining cost-effective. As a result, many packaging options are available to protect and suit every product, whether small or large.

Packaging means protecting items and taking up less space. However, some products can be more expensive than others or have different shapes, making it difficult to package them effectively. There are many packaging options available:

Cardboard Boxes

The most basic custom packaging material, “cardboard boxes,” are available in several sizes to protect and store all products. In addition, boxes offer protection to the products during storage and shipping.


These are great for small, lightweight items like jewelry and clothing. They may also include an inner lining and may be branded.


Most shipping companies carry tube-shaped cargo packaging. It can be a roller or a tube.


There will be packing tape to hold the shipping box together. Most retailers will accept a transparent tape. However, branded packaging tape is always an option to increase brand awareness.

Tissue Papers

Tissue paper can be used to add texture and color to your packaging. It can be branded like packing tape, and while it’s more complicated, it provides a more personalized experience.


Inserts boxes


Box inserts can be used for heavier or larger shipments that need a more vital cushion. While they can be annoying for customers, they are beneficial for fragile orders. It can be combined with bubble wrap to double the protection. The bubble wrap protects the product, and the hazelnuts support it.

Protect Perishable Items

Sometimes the content of an order is different from your usual product. Sometimes the product may be a perishable good. This means it can deteriorate if exposed to high temperatures or humidity.

These are usually frozen products. Dry ice is one of the most common methods of protecting them; there are also climate-controlled shipping containers and gel freezer packs.

Protecting perishable goods often requires using custom packaging materials carriers consider dangerous, such as dry ice. Additionally, you will need to check with the shipping company you are using to ensure that the shipment is properly and securely packaged. Additional fees may apply if you do not comply.


Shipping labels are an integral part of the packaging of any order. However, they are not intended to be applied to expeditions and will not protect them. Although packaging helps transport the product, shipping labels contain all the information the shipping carrier requires to ship the order accurately, such as the shipping method and the customer’s address.

Carriers will have rules about where and how shipping labels must be placed. However, they prefer to be placed at the top of the boxes.


The cost of transport is strongly affected by the weight of the load. Therefore, you will need to be able to calculate this weight. Digital scales are an option. Once your order has been packed and is ready to go, you can quickly read its weight by placing it on a scale.

The weight of an order does not depend on its weight in grams or pounds. Instead, it can be based on dimensional weight. This method calculates the weight by dividing the volume of a shipment. To do this, you can either use a ruler to measure the length, width, and height or know the dimensions of the package.


You can create shipping labels using a variety of services. However, you will need hardware to print them. There are several options.

Printing Box


You can print shipping labels from a regular sheet of paper using your standard office printer, just like any other document. However, it is a bit laborious as you will need to print, cut, and stick the labels on the packages.


Buy a thermal printer that can print on adhesive, meaning sticker-like paper. Although the thermal printer and adhesive paper are more expensive, you get convenience. For example, it’s much easier to print, peel, and stick shipping labels than scissors and tape.


It’s essential to weigh the benefits before branding your packaging. A branded product will cost more than an ordinary brown cardboard box. Additionally, each item in a branded order will likely take up a larger portion of your revenue. Most companies raise their prices to cover the increased costs. This is due to the premium experience that branded packaging provides.

Packaging an order is primarily about protecting it and keeping shipping costs low. But as you may have noticed, branding your brand on your packaging can significantly increase brand awareness.

Branded packaging and unboxing can improve the customer experience and justify higher prices. These are just a few options to add to the envelopes, tape, and boxes we’ve already discussed.


Stickers are often overlooked and can add a lot of branding benefits to your packaging. The stickers can be applied to any surface and convey a premium brand experience. In addition, stickers are an affordable alternative to expensive custom packaging materials such as tissue paper or boxes that mark your business marketing.

Custom Notes

Branded custom packaging materials are used to make the customer feel special. Notes are great for this, and you have a few options depending on how personal they are.

Business Cards

Although not an express thanks you, you should include a primary business card with your company logo and website in each order.

Handwritten Signature and Note

Add a personal touch to your note by adding a handwritten signature. It can be signed by someone other than the CEO. However, this could be done by the person packing the order. It’s okay to add a personal touch as long as it’s not too formal.

You can personalize the message further by creating a template that includes a thank you note and then writing a short handwritten note. You can write it in a few sentences and keep it short and sweet with a simple remark followed by a signature.


Packaging refers to shipping costs. It’s about keeping the product safe and transporting it efficiently. The bottom line and the shipping carrier will thank you for your packaging efforts. This begs the question: Which courier should I use? Shipping costs are primarily determined by how you ship your order. Although they may seem similar, each carrier offers unique shipping options and services to meet your needs.

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