Home Finance 7 Questions to ask Immobilien Steuerberatung Wien before making your real estate investment

7 Questions to ask Immobilien Steuerberatung Wien before making your real estate investment

7 Questions to ask Immobilien Steuerberatung Wien before making your real estate investment

When you are contemplating an investment, real estate should be near the top of your list. Real estate may provide you with serious tax deductions in addition to being an excellent and profitable investment, as real estate tax advice proves. It’s important to plan not just for financing but also for various taxes when acquiring real estate. Real estate tax advice (Immobilien Steuerberatung Wien) may be quite flexible, particularly in the tax department. For example, you may purchase a property in the business sector or an investment apartment in the private sector. In addition to reselling or renting the home, there are a number of legal issues to consider. A tax expert precise evaluation is urgently needed to answer these queries.

You may find some answers to these questions by searching for real estate tax advice online. It would help if you planned for financing and various taxes when you bought a property. Immobilien Steuerberatung Wien can assist you with these requirements when you buy or sell real estate. Because of the intricate Austrian tax system, each property has distinct requirements for depreciation, tax benefits, tax exemptions, and deadlines. Real estate tax advice is available to answer all of these issues correctly. From a tax perspective, buying or selling real estate requires extensive expertise. They can assist you with purchasing or selling your real estate property as experts. 


What are the services provided by Real estate tax advice Vienna? 

  1.  Rental services include communicating with expert brokers to lease vacant properties. All concerns are processed quickly, with direct communication and numerous online tools to guarantee prompt handling of all issues. 
  2. The purchase and sale of real estate (particularly real estate transfer tax, real estate income tax, and sales tax) are included in real estate management corporation administration (determining rental income, calculating depreciation, ongoing accounting, and so on). 
  3. Advice On Usufruct Rights, And Other Issues Furthermore, sales tax considerations include renting with or without sales tax, input tax correction when selling or changing tenants, donation or inheritance of rented items, real estate in corporations and partnerships, due diligence checks (tax), forecast calculations (in the case of hobby assumptions), advice on usufruct rights, and other issues. 


What points should expat clients consider before investing in real estate in Vienna? 

Employing A Tax Expert

Many kinds of tax help available for real estate investors in Germany may lower your tax liability. However, the situation is fairly straightforward. Trying to comprehend German tax law in addition to your own country’s tax regime is a tough job. It is often simpler to employ a Real estate tax advice Vienna to help you manage your tax issues rather than attempting to do it yourself, even though you may be tempted. By employing a tax expert, you can leave the paperwork to someone else and take advantage of every tax benefit you’re eligible for. 

You Must Declare Your Total Income

Make sure you know how much money you must declare. Rent is typically the primary source of income, but you must also disclose any other sources of income, such as insurance payments, for example. 

Knowing about the Tax breaks

Renting your property in Germany may save you lots of money if you discover the tax breaks beforehand. Knowing about these might save you money if you invest in Germany. Tax breaks are plentiful, and you may use them to save money. The landlord can deduct all expenses incurred in generating rental income (including mortgage interest, repairs, and maintenance) from the rental income received. You may deduct management fees, insurance, tenant advertising, council charges, landscaping expenses, and reasonable travel costs from your yearly income tax return to account for them. Please consult your property tax expert for a full list of appropriate deductions for your specific circumstance. 

Know about capital gains tax on the profit

If you sold your real estate at a higher price than it was purchased for, the profit is known as capital gains and is taxable income in Germany. Non-resident foreigners are only taxed on income earned in Germany. If you sell a property you’ve owned for less than ten years, you must pay capital gains tax on the profit. Capital gains from real estate sales are taxed at the same rate as income tax. Individual income tax in Germany is assessed at progressive rates. You won’t have to pay capital gains tax if you sell your home if you’ve lived there for at least two years. As mentioned earlier, any profit earned from selling a property after owning it for ten years is exempt from capital gains tax. 

Know about the non-resident property taxes

On a German buy-to-let real estate purchase, what are the non-resident property taxes? The property tax for non-residents is almost the same as for residents. The German property tax system may be confusing and independent of the real estate purchase expenses you must pay. When you buy real estate in Germany, you may be required to pay various taxes. Taxes are levied at the federal, state, and municipal levels. As a result, there are different rules at each level and diverse basis of assessment and tax rates. 

Keeping all purchases records

You should keep records of all your purchases with the German tax authorities, including your contract, bank statements, capital gains tax records, and proof of any property improvements you’ve made. These records will help you establish your cost base in the future, so keep them safe. 

Know about the tax deadline

The German tax year runs from January to December. You can file your tax return anytime between January 1 and July 31 of the following year (for example, July 31, 2022 for your 2021 tax return). You can also request an extension from your local tax office, which is almost always automatically granted. If you use an accountant, the deadline is automatically extended until February next year. 


Summary – Preparing your German tax return with the German tax authorities can be a difficult undertaking. You may now file your German property tax return online with Weinhandl. You’ll be relieved that they can assist you with your German real estate tax return. They have unmatched knowledge of the German property tax system and German property tax. They will answer all of your questions. The tax experts will handle filing the more complex German property tax return and communicate with the tax office on your behalf. The service is fast, simple, and reliable. You will save money and maximize profits with their service. 

Looking for a real estate tax advisor (Immobilien Steuerberater Wien) in Vienna? Look no further! Weinhandl’s tax advisors are here to guide you through the confusing world of taxes. Let us help you understand how taxes work and how to pay them correctly. We’re here to help you make sense of tax laws so you can pay less and keep more of your money. Don’t wait any longer, contact us today!

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