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How to print from mobile without wifi printer?

How to print from mobile without wifi printer?

sFIf you have a newer network printer with LAN or WLAN. You can easily connect it to your cell phone and use it to print from your cell phone. In the following tip we will show you how to do this.

Many users use their smartphone or tablet for many everyday things and therefore have the occasional need to print photos, emails or confirmations from their cell phone . In the following article we will show you how to print from smartphone and you can also read out how to unpause a printer

1. Mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones replace classic PCs

Many users basically use their smartphone or tablet for almost all classic PC tasks anD. Thus not only for telephony, social networks or photos, but also for e-mails. surfing and shopping on the Internet. There is always the need to print out certain things such as an order confirmation, PDF form, emails or even photos from your cell phone or tablet.

While Windows PCs can easily print with any printers and a suitable printers driver , this is not so easy with mobile devices.

2. With a network printer, you can print from your mobile phone

In order to be able to print from your cell phone at all. You need a network printer that is in the same home network as the smartphone or tablet.

However, it is not enough that you simply release a local printers. It is connected to a PC in the network. It must be a “real” network printers that is independently located in the home network with a LAN cable or, even better, via WLAN.

Both laser printers for private households and inkjet combi devices from manufacturers such as HP, Epson. Canon are usually also available in a version with WLAN or with a cable for connection to a local network. There are also Bluetooth printers, but they are a poor choice in terms of range, performance and compatibility . However, there are no special mobile phone printers.

Tip: Wired models require a connection to the router or switch via cable and are therefore not as flexible in terms of installation. In addition, mobile devices can only print on network printers without WLAN if the printer supports AirPrint (iOS) or Cloud Print (Android). Ideally, you should therefore buy a printer that also offers WLAN and one of the two standards AirPrint or Cloud Print .

2.1. Apple AirPrint or Google Cloud Print

Unfortunately, the manufacturers of smartphones and tablets could not agree on a common standard, so there is a separate standard for both Apple devices and Android devices. Only AirPrint (Apple) and Google Cloud Print (Android) enable mobile printing from almost any app with a print function. Before you buy a printer, you should therefore consider whether you want to enable mobile printing only with Android, only iOS or with both operating systems.

If you buy a WiFi printer that does not support AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, you can only print from the manufacturer’s printer app, which has some limitations that we describe in point 5.

3. AirPrint allows printing from smartphone on iOS

If a printer supports the AirPrint standard, any iPhone, iPad or Mac can print directly to this printer. It doesn’t matter whether the printer is connected via LAN or WLAN. It is sufficient if an AirPrint printer is connected to the router via LAN, which in turn supplies the smartphone or tablet with WLAN.

3.1 Setting up and printing with AirPrint

In order to connect the mobile phone to the printer via AirPrint, it is sufficient for both devices to be in the same network. You can then use the print function in the apps to call up the iOS print dialog.

You then have the choice of which AirPrint printer you want to print on and you can also activate the number of copies and – if it is a color printer – also color or black and white printing.

4. Google Cloud Print allows mobile printing on Android

As a kind of counterpart to Android, Google offers Cloud Print, a comparable technology that you can use to print on the go. To do this, the printer must connect to the Internet and be connected to your Google account as a cloud printer. The printer is then available via Android devices with the Google account as well as via browsers such as Chrome and all Google apps.

Compared to AirPrint, Google Cloud Print offers the advantage that you can also print on the go.Do not have to be in the same network as the mobile Android device.

4.1 Connect printer to Google Cloud Print

To connect a printer to Google Cloud Print , you need the Google Chrome web browser . From here, enter Chrome://devices in the address bar to add your printer to Google Cloud Print. You can even use a printer here, which basically does not directly support Google Cloud Print, but must be accessible via WLAN or LAN. A USB printer will therefore not work with Cloud Print.

After logging in with your Google account, all local printers will be listed. Select here which printers you want to use for Google Cloud Print.

The following video describes the process very clearly using an HP printer as an example.

4.2. So you can print from your tablet or smartphone via Cloud Print

In order to print later on the printer via Cloud Print. You also need the Cloud Print App from the Google Play Store under Android. Which is integrated after installation via the device settings under System under “Print”. Allows you to print documents on any cloud-enabled printer print out, manage the print jobs or view old print jobs.

5. Printing from the mobile phone via the printer manufacturer’s apps

The printer manufacturers also offer their own apps for Android and iOS. With which you can connect and set up the mobile phone with the printer.

If you have a multifunction device with a scanner or fax, the apps also offer options for scanning documents.

However, printing via apps has one major disadvantage compared to printing with AirPrint or Google Cloud Print. You cannot print directly from every app. Since the apps from the printer manufacturers are not integrated. So deeply into the mobile operating systems that printing from every app is possible there to allow. For example, if you want to print out a confirmation or an e-mail in the browser, this is not possible. The printer apps usually only allow the printing of files on the smartphone such as photos or documents in cloud storage .Therefore, if your printer does not support AirPrint or Google Cloud Print, simply take a screenshot of the display and save this screenshot as a photo.Visit our site Newusamarket

On iOS, hold the “Power” button and then briefly press the Home button to take a screenshot. For newer devices like the iPhone XR without a home button, press the “power button” and then the “volume button”.

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