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How Can You Write A Dissertation In 2 Weeks?

How Can You Write A Dissertation In 2 Weeks?
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In about 14 days, you will have to submit your dissertation. A 8,000-10,000 word assignment awaits you, and you are yet to write a single word. Your year has been quite challenging, but you know you should have started earlier. How do you make a living? A dissertation this long can be written in two weeks?

When you devote yourself to working on your dissertation every day, you can finish it in two weeks. After doing your research and knowing what you want to speak about, you should be able to write easily. Even if you seem to be behind schedule, there is no need to worry. It is easy to experience writer’s block when you are paranoid and afraid of what may happen as you run out of time. We provide you with some tips for completing your dissertation in just 14 days in this guide.

Dissertation Writing in 14 Days:

Plan Your Project Properly:

Writing a plan before you start writing your dissertation is the best way to write it in two weeks. When students write 2,000 words in one sitting, it’s because they’ve designed their plans in a way that makes it possible. Consider what needs to be included in the assignment, how they should be arranged, and the number of words for each section in your plan. At most four days should be spent doing research and reading, followed by five to seven days of daily writing. From the first to the last day, follow the plan. Your plan can’t allow for procrastination since two weeks are a short time frame. Using the plan, you should be able to complete the dissertation within the limited time frame with a high degree of discipline.

Keep a Daily Journal and Write in Bits and Pieces:

Writing 10,000 to 15,000 words every day and in bits is the best way to complete a 10,000 to 15,000-word dissertation in just 14 days or less. You should limit yourself to writing 2,000 words a day rather than 4,000 or more at once.

To Get This Done On Time,

you’ll need effective study habits. In order to meet your daily goal, you need to write in a quiet space with no distractions. Write in a park, library, or school library if you can’t focus in your room. By writing 2,000 words a day, if your supervisor or director expects you to finish a 10,000-word dissertation in five days, you’ll be finished.

Your project will have another full week to be proofread, edited, and crosschecked to make sure it is accurate, authentic, and comprehensive. Occasionally, you won’t write 2,000 words, and that’s okay, especially if you only write half of that.

In order to be able to edit your work in time, you need to develop the habit of writing every day.

Organize Your Writing Into Sections:

When it comes to writing a dissertation fast, two weeks are a limited amount of time. The foundation must be laid early after research to accomplish the project on time. Start with the question, followed by objectives, and then the layout of the assignment. In exactly the order presented below, the layout of your dissertation should be as follows:

  • The introduction.
  • A literature review will be conducted.
  • An overview of the methodology.
  • An analysis and discussion of the situation.
  • Restrictions.
  • The conclusion.
  • The following recommendations have been made.
  • A bibliography is included.

As You Write Your Assignment,

You can easily add content to it by dividing it into sections. As you get lost in one section, you can focus on another to break the monotony. Unless you spend at least an hour on each section, there isn’t a specific formula for writing each section. Researching beforehand and knowing exactly what you want to say should not be a problem.

Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions,

When Working On a Dissertation, What is the Most Challenging Part?

Working on the literature review section of a dissertation is the most challenging part of the assignment. As well as being the most important part of your project, it should also take up the bulk of your time. If you need a refresher on writing a literature review, check out our guide.

What is the Ideal Number of Words For a Dissertation?

There are several factors that determine a dissertation’s length, but it can range from 8,000 to 15,000 words. The expected word count varies depending on the program, so check with your supervisor or director.

A Dissertation Should Take You How Many Hours to Complete?

There is no black and white answer to this question. You spend different amounts of time writing your dissertation, depending on when you began. In order to finish the assignment in the shortest amount of time, you should do extensive research early and know what you want to write. Taking 2,000 words a day into account, your dissertation should be completed within 10 days.

Thoughts For The End:

A dissertation involves more than just meeting the requirements. Your assignment must be structured and flowed correctly and you must thoroughly research your topic.

Your time is limited already, so you cannot afford to procrastinate. You risk failing your dissertation and missing out on your doctorate degree every day you delay. Write, consult, and research until you’re done. If you feel stuck somewhere along the way, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Professional dissertation help team will be happy to assist you in any way they can.