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8 Best Paying Jobs In Oil & Gas Manufacturing Industries

8 Best Paying Jobs In Oil & Gas Manufacturing Industries

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, there are currently 12.13 million people employed in the oil & gas manufacturing sector, and they make an average salary of $88,406 a year.

 One of the highest proportions of employees who qualify for health benefits offered by their company work in the manufacturing industry. Additionally, if you’re seeking well-paying manufacturing work, your future is secure.

Here are five best paying jobs in oil & gas production. Be aware that salaries vary depending on your level of experience, specialist area, and location of employment. 

For instance, the median pay for an IT manager in Newark, New Jersey, is 16% higher than the national average; the median pay for an operations management in Long Beach, California, is 3% higher; and the median pay for a human resources manager in Loretto, Minnesota, is 5% higher.

Information Technology Manager

The job of an IT manager includes supervising, hiring, training, and researching new technologies to improve or update servers, networks, and other IT infrastructure equipment. IT managers are problem-solvers who are conversant in mathematical computer languages. 

Although a master’s degree in computer science or information technology is typically required for this well-paying manufacturing position, you can advance with only a bachelor’s degree. Verizon pays an exceptional average salary for IT managers of close to $140,000. The states with the highest wages are New York and California, with mean yearly earnings of $190,390 and $185,640, respectively.

Human Resources Manager

HR managers supervise daily operations, corporate strategy, and budget creation for human resources initiatives, which supports the organization’s functioning and growth. All human resources activities, including hiring, salary, benefits, training, and people management, must be planned, managed, and coordinated. Performance leadership and organizational improvement are among the high-paying skills. The best-paying regions are New Jersey and the District of Columbia, with mean annual earnings of $172,060 and $165,480, respectively.

Operations Manager

In addition to overseeing daily business operations for a firm or department, operations managers also control operational costs and make decisions regarding the recruiting, salary, promotions, and termination of operational support workers. This position is linked to high job satisfaction. Some of the highest wages, close to $110K on average, are offered by companies like UPS. The states with the highest wages are New Jersey and Rhode Island, with mean annual earnings of $164,090 and $157,720, respectively.

Crane and Tower Operators

Operators of towers and cranes are responsible for the operation of various kinds of cranes and towers. They’re a stunning view of a cityscape. They are on top of structures, typically carrying huge loads. They are responsible for constructing and maintaining high-rise structures, such as bridges and skyscrapers.

Tower operators work with various cranes, including derricks and jibs, as well as Gantry cranes. They utilize cranes that lift and move objects. Tower operators are required to control the movements of cranes precisely and communicate with the workers at ground level.


Pipefitters are responsible for the maintenance and installation of pipes that carry liquids or gases. They are responsible for setting up pipes in a variety of locations, such as factories industrial buildings, and power plants. Pipefitters must be able to comprehend blueprints and follow directions with attention to detail. They should also use many different tools such as saws, wrenches as well as welding tools.

Tower operators work with various cranes, including derricks and jibs, as well as Gantry cranes.

Mechanical Engineer

As part of the planning and production of products, mechanical engineers develop, design, and test mechanical devices in addition to performing engineering activities. A mechanical engineering bachelor’s, master’s, or comparable degree is required for this well-paying manufacturing position. 

For some jobs, certifications like the EIT exam may be necessary. The best-paying regions are New Mexico and the District of Columbia, with mean annual wages of $114,420 and $112,240, respectively.

Human Resources Generalist

HR generalists typically report to an HR manager or director and oversee daily HR responsibilities. A college degree and professional experience in business, communications, management, or a similar discipline are frequently prerequisites for this position. 

HR generalists process, verify, and maintain HR documentation pertaining to staffing, retraining, and performance assessments as well as employee salary, training, and benefit programmes. The best-paying regions are Washington and the District of Columbia, with mean annual earnings of $77,220 and $97,730, respectively.

Locomotive Engineers

Engineers are the ones who operate locomotives. They are massive machines utilized to move trains. They are responsible for the safety of the crew as well as passengers as well as the cargo that is being moved. The engineers of locomotives must adhere to the guidelines with care and keep in touch with dispatchers.

The everyday life of the engineer for locomotives is built around the running of the engine. They have to be able to follow instructions precisely and stay in constant contact with the driver. Telecom engineers are require to be able to solve any issues that may arise during their shifts.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers create the products we use daily. Designers design everything from cars and kitchen appliances. Industrial designers need to come up with new ways to develop new ideas. They must also stay within their budget and meet deadlines.

Their influence on our lives isn’t apparent but is evident to the extent that they are. The majority of items that you use daily were design by an industrial designer.

Industrial designers’ jobs revolve around creating products. They must come up with innovative ideas and develop innovative concepts. They must also be competent in managing budgets and sticking to deadlines. Industrial designers typically hold the qualifications of a bachelor’s degree in industrial design.

Take up manufacturing

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