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What are some favorite iPad cases?

What are some favorite iPad cases?

Buying a new iPad is a big decision. You may have spent months pouring through reviews, deciding which version of the iPad is best for your situation.  The iPad Pro is ultra-powerful, but will you be really utilizing all that power? Then there’s the air, slim and modern, and the standard line, with a price tag you can hardly pass on.  And if that’s not small enough, there’s the mini line: a whole lot of power in a tiny little package.

Whichever iPad you end up buying, you’re sure to need an iPad case.  An iPad case offers protection when you take your iPad on the road and can function as a stand when you’re home or in the office. It’ll add little bulk to your device, but— if you make a good choice—  nothing overwhelming. What are some favorite iPad cases? Here we’ll look at a few of the choices you’ve got, and what’s great about each.

Finite Composition Case

One simple iPad cover that has stayed popular over the years is Finite’s basic composition case cover. There’s nothing fancy about this cover: everything about it screams basic, simple, down to earth. The outside looks like those composition books your mom used to buy in bulk at back-to-school times. It’s a great way to turn an ordinary iPad into a stealth device, especially if you carry it around places where you’d normally be seen with a composition book.

The price tag on this case is more than reasonable, and there’s a version for pretty much every iPad you might have. Whether you need an iPad mini case 2021, a 2022 iPad Pro case, or a 10.2 iPad case, you’re cover. If you do end up needing to change batteries, it’s a 5-15 minute procedure and there’s an iFixit tutorial to walk you through it. It takes no special talent, and the only tool you need is a spudger.

Logitech Slim Folio Keyboard Case

If you want a keyboard case, one favorite is the Logitech Slim Folio. It’s not as pricey as other Logitech options like the Combo Touch. But it provides a great typing experience in a little package.  It’s all in the keys, which have a decent travel and a nice click. The keyboard connects smoothly to your iPad, and turns on automatically when you’ve got it set up to type.  Make sure you buy the keyboard to match your model, because there are a number of different versions.

There’s a sketch mode, read mode, and type mode, although you may end up wanting to switch cases when you’re not actively typing— it’s not super light. The iPad Air 3rd generation case weights 485 grams.

This keyboard is powered by a non-rechargeable coin-cell battery, but it’ll last you a good long time— up to four years, which is probably not much shorter than the length of time you’ll end up using your iPad.  If you do end up needing to change batteries, it’s a 5-15 minute procedure and there’s an iFixit tutorial to walk you through it. It takes no special talent, and the only tool you need is a spudger.

Zugu Muse Case

Maybe you’re willing to spend a little more to get something slightly higher quality than the Finite composition case, but you don’t need a keyboard. You’d like some shock protection, and a versatile stand would be a really good thing. Maybe you’d like something slightly professional looking, sleek and elegant, even, with minimal extra weight. Still, you don’t want anything flimsy. it should look pretty much the same in six months time as it does the day you buy it

What you’re looking for is the Zugu Muse case.  It’s the Goldilocks of cases— not too big, not too small, not too expensive, not too cheap. There’s nothing gimmicky about this case, and the look/feel is as professional as it gets. Users love the seven angle viewing stand. And the magnets that are so strong the case can stick up on the refrigerator. That’ll come in useful more times than you’d expect, as the kitchen, with its sink, stoves, and messes tends to be a likely place for iPad accidents if you don’t have a handy refrigerator mount.

The iPad mini 6 weight is 217 grams, or 7.65 ounces. That’s the iPad mini case 2021; but the 4th and 5th generation case is not much heavier.   The inside is soft microfiber, and the outside rugged TPU and polycarbonate. It’s that combination which works like a charm when the iPad is dropped, bumped, or jolted in a way that would otherwise be badly detrimental to its inner workings.  Well-designed ventilation cutouts keep the iPad running cool, and there’s a handy sleep/wake function that tells the iPad to wake up as soon as you open the case, and go to sleep when you close it up. It done by magnets, and magnets is something the people at Zugu are very good at.

They’re also good at standing behind their products. In fact, if you buy yourself an Apple Care subscription and a 2021 iPad mini case, then manage to shatter your iPad’s screen while the case is still on, the people at Zugu will pay all your Apple Care bills. Same offer goes for the iPad Air case, the iPad Pro case, and the standard line iPad cases. The offer is not meant for situations in which you broke your iPad when it wasn’t wearing its protective shell. So you do want to keep that Zugu case on in any and every potentially compromising situation.  That’s when you’re out and about in the town. But even at home: tiled floors, omnipresent in kitchens, are notoriously hard on unprotected iPads.

There you have it: a rundown of three favorite iPad cases. Each of these cases fit their own niche, and they all do what they are build for. Each of them come in numerous versions, to match the numerous sizes and generations of the iPad. Which one is your favorite, and why do you like it best? Here are three top favorite iPad cases, from a simple stealth cover to a Logitech workhorse to our favorite shock-protective Muse case.