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The Ultimate List of Instagram Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

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Many businesses are now using the most popular social media platform, Instagram, to increase their brands’ reach, generate leads and sales, and promote their business. Millions of users use Instagram daily for different purposes, like watching changing trends and buying products.

Many businesses make their place on Instagram using different marketing techniques, and they also buy Instagram followers UK to increase their brand’s awareness and reach. They also believe Instagram likes UK to increase engagement on their posts.

To make your marketing strategy for Instagram effective, you should remember what you should do and avoid doing on Instagram. We have developed a list of Instagram marketing do’s and don’ts that help you create Instagram marketing.

List of Instagram Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

An efficient marketer knows well how important to know what will work best for Instagram marketing and what will not. Here is the ultimate list of Instagram marketing do’s and don’ts:

List of Do’s

List of Don’ts


To-Do List

  1. Do check your metrics

Have a check on the metrics of your posts. For this purpose, you can use Insight, a tool of Instagram that provides you with data in the form of numbers that tells you the reach and engagement of your posts. It will help you to stay on track.

When you keep on checking the metrics of your posts, it will help you to know whether things are working for you or not.



  1. Interact with your followers

Deal with your followers just like your community. Interact with them by answering their comments, direct messages, and queries. When you value your followers, they will be emotionally attached to you and trust you.

  1. Do share user-generated content

User-generated Content (UGC) can do wonders for you. It helps you to promote your business and build other people’s trust in you. You can use UGC with the permission of your user. You can use it for different purposes, as you can repost UGC in your IG stories to capture the audience’s attention toward your brand.

  1. Make use of your profile’s bio

The first things that can impress your audience are your bio and profile picture. You can add a clickable link in your bio; use it smartly. Also, do add a catchy call-to-action button in your bio. For example, you can make your business name short and searchable and add an attractive but relevant logo to your brand or business.

List of Don’ts

  1. Don’t Share Too Much

You should post Content daily, but don’t post too much or be overly promotional. For example, avoid posting three posts together in a row. It will create a mess, and you may lose your followers. Instead of over-posting, limit yourself to two to three posts per day. But post a single promotional post at a time.

  1. Don’t stuff too many hashtags and keywords.

The primary purpose of using a hashtag is to increase your brand’s visibility. Adding relevant hashtags under your post can be the best thing, but stuffing hashtags in your posts triggers your followers. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags at a time. But it has been observed that big businesses or brands use fewer hashtags, ranging from 7 to 10 under each post. So, you should also follow the rule of thumb while using hashtags.

  1. Don’t Dare to Post Content that you find less engaging

Always put forth your best effort in creating and posting Content that you find engaging and has the potential to elevate your game. Don’t post the Content that you think will be the center of attraction for your audience. Don’t post Content in just one form; try different formats for your Content. For example, you can share Content in images, short videos, and infographics.

  1. Don’t Neglect Instagram Stories

Now, Instagram stories are trending more on Instagram. It is crucial to follow the trend on Instagram and change the marketing strategy. So, don’t neglect Instagram stories; create daily Content and posts to make your marketing effective.


That’s a Wrap

Now, Instagram plays a vital role in the growth of any business. If this platform is used effectively, it can set up your game in less time. So, remember what you must do and what you should try to avoid when targeting your audience. Here you’ve got a chance to know the dos and don’ts of Instagram marketing. Thus, use it in your strategy to make it practical for a long time.

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