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Finding a reliable, professional and efficient real estate agency is essential to sell a luxury property. And the fact is that, unlike other types of properties, luxury properties have unique qualities, so they deserve special treatment. In addition, the amount of money exchanged in this type of transaction is very high – the most expensive house sold in Spain in 2021 cost no less than 14 million euros – and so are the commissions charged by the agencies. How to identify, then, the real estate agency that best suits the seller’s expectations?

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In this regard, he points out three conditions that should be evaluated in all agencies to understand the quality of their services: commissions, exclusivity and partnerships. All this without losing sight of the importance of the quality of service.

Luxury real estate commissions

Real estate commissions always generate controversy: there are those who consider them too high and those who understand that it is worth paying these fees if the professionals guarantee a successful sale.

But even within the same market, there are agencies that offer the same services for different commissions. “At HelpMyCash we have investigated more than thirty luxury real estate agencies and, in most cases, we have even been able to evaluate their real estate brokerage contracts,” explains Eseiza. The conclusions of this research are conclusive: you can find the same quality of service for a lower price.

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