Home Tech Best free online website for downloading social media videos.

Best free online website for downloading social media videos.

Best free online website for downloading social media videos.
Best free online website for downloading social media videos.

How to save videos from social media platforms such as Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook. A growing number of individuals spend considerable effort to understanding and utilizing various social media platforms. Viewers can utilize these websites to catch up on the most recent videos, GIFs, and viral photos, as well as gain a sense of what’s trending in the media as a whole. Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook are among the most frequently used online communities.

Whenever you are browsing one of these websites you come across interesting media such as films, photos, or GIFs. Several social media sites do not offer a download option, despite your want to preserve them on your device permanently. So, you will need video downloader software to properly collect videos from social media sites. Select a video downloader from the following list to save videos from different services.
Select a video downloader from the following list to save videos from different services.

This article will show the top free website for downloading social media videos online.

RapidSave is a tool that allows you to save video and audio from Reddit. This downloader allows you to save videos and GIFs from websites such as v.redd.it, gfycat, imgur, giphy, and streamable, among others. To download a video from Reddit, simply visit the site and locate the thread containing the desired clip. Click the share button to copy the URL, then paste it into the input area of this rapidsave. To download the video or GIF to your computer, use the download option.
Experts Tool 
The Experts Tool is a web service that allows users to download photos, GIFs, and videos from the image-sharing website Pinterest. You can download videos in mp4 format and images in JPG or PNG. Begin by searching for “videos” on the official website or app of Pinterest. You will be able to select and copy the link to any playing video from a video player. After copying the Link, you can paste it into this field and click Download to obtain the file. The download link for the video will thereafter be made available. 
Twitter video download
Twitter video download is the finest free tool you can download if you want to save HD-quality videos from Twitter. It also serves as a Twitter GIF downloader, allowing you to immediately save animated GIFs from your feed. To obtain the download URL for a video or GIF uploaded on Twitter, launch Twitter itself. To download a video or GIF to your computer, copy the URL and enter it into twittervideodownload.com in your web browser. Thereafter, click the download icon. The desired Twitter video or GIF will then play, accompanied by a Download button and options for downloading the video in many quality settings. To download the movie or GIF at the desired quality, click the relevant Download button. Twitter will download immediately any videos or GIFs you view.
When it comes to downloading videos from YouTube, SSYouTube is a popular choice among visitors. It supports numerous video file formats, including MP4 and MP3. This tool supports downloading videos in a range of high-definition formats, such as Standard Quality (SQ), High Definition (HD), and Full HD. By copying the YouTube video’s address, you can save the video to your computer.

Simply copy and paste the video’s URL into this ssyoutube tool, and a list of available download quality options will be displayed. To download the video to your computer,
Paste Download 
Paste Download  Simply paste the URL of the Tumblr video you wish to download, and it will begin downloading the video, image, or audio file for you. After copying the Link, simply paste it into the supplied field, and the system will do the rest.

 and MP3 download options are displayed. To save the movie to your device, right-click Download and select Save link as. To download the video to your mobile device, hold down the download button and then tap the download link.
Reel it
Reel it is a free Instagram video downloader that can also download pictures, reels, DP, and stories from the site.
Simply copy the link from the post and paste it into the input box to utilise this downloader. Simply click the download button to begin downloading the movie or other files. After downloading a movie or other content, it will remain on your device indefinitely.
Getfvid allows you to download high-quality videos from Facebook without having to install any additional software. Both audio and video can be downloaded utilising this service. You can download a Facebook video by copying its address from the app or website. Simply copy and paste the video’s URL, followed by clicking the green Download button. The video quality can then be selected from the presented list of available download options. 

All in one downloader

This site works like most online video download sites. It is therefore free and does not require any registration. You need the link of the video to download and voila. More interestingly, this site only offers videos in mp4 format.then, the site converts it to mp4 first before allowing you to save it. 


Freemake is a well-known video downloading application that is available for free on Mac and Windows. This website allows you to download videos in HD, MP4, MP3, AVI, 3GP, FLV, and more formats. Supported sites include YouTube, Facebook, Vevo, Hulu, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. The app offers an intuitive user interface. Any new user can quickly learn how to operate it.


SnapTube is distinct from conventional video download sites. It allows for unlimited downloads of any size and duration. It enables direct video management from TikTok. Also, it stores downloaded videos directly to the application.


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Use the listed sites to download videos and other content from Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook with ease. Build playlists on your mobile device including all of your favourite videos, and see them whenever you want.

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